Discounts on Crowler Fills

January 24 is National Beer Can Appreciation Day, and to celebrate the awesomeness of canned beer, we’re offering discounts of 32oz Crowler fills of our Empyreal Brewing craft beer.

No Crowler? No problem! Come in anytime Friday – Sunday (January 21 - 23), and ask for a Crowler and get one for $1 off. Then, take a look at the Untappd digital board behind the bar and choose which Empyreal Brewing (EB) beer you’d like. All EB beers that are 8% or less are only $8, and any of our EB beers over that are only $10!

Want more? Over the weekend, snap a photo of your beer and post it to social media with #taphousechatt. Then, come back in anytime next Tuesday – Thursday (January 25 – 27), show the bartender your social media post, and you can get the same Crowler fill special again!

Live Trivia with Chattanooga Trivia!

We host live trivia every Wednesday evening from 7:30pm - 9pm ET!  Come join us to test your knowledge and win gift cards.  Plus, it’s BUY ONE, GET ONE wine all day long! 

The trivia show starts at 7:30pm ET, so call ahead to reserve a table or show up early to claim your spot!  (423) 682-8234